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Grapefruit Scrub

Grapefruit Scrub

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The Himalayan pink salt exfoliant with almond oil and grapefruit essential oil provides an exceptional feeling of freshness and vitality! It promotes harmony of body and soul. Great for removing dead skin cells and exposing fresh skin that allows oils to be absorbed more easily. 

Our exfoliators are handmade in Quebec, vegan and non-polluting. Available in a recyclable glass jar.


Himalayan salt, almond oil and grapefruit EO.

How to use:

  • Body scrub: In the shower, massage gently on the skin in circular movements, then rinse. Use regularly for best results.
  • For the feet: Use the grains to remove dirt and dead skin for fresh, smooth feet, then rinse. Use regularly for best results.


For external use only. The product can make surfaces slippery, especially in the shower. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.