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Our History

Barn House Factory is a Quebec based company specializing in handmade candles, room mists, soaps and scrubs centered on the values of respect, harmony, simplicity and sharing. Passionate about what we do, we want to offer you comfort through our products. Our products are designed with respect for the environment and health, and are of the highest quality. We all have the right to well-being. Sometimes, we just have to know how to offer it to ourselves.

The face of the company

In the spring of 2020, when the whole world was on hiatus, Annie saw it as an opportunity to devote her free time to an activity that had long intrigued her, designing soaps and candles. Not wanting to do things halfway, she signed up for classes.

Knowledge in her pocket and a head full of ideas, she decides to start her business. Annie had always cherished the idea of having her own company. The entrepreneurial spirit had already developed at her for a few years in her other area of expertise, change management.

Annie wants to offer her customers the opportunity to choose non-polluting, safe and quality products while being original and diverse. Having the local economy, well-being and the environment at heart, the woman behind the company takes care to choose each of the components (perfumes, wax, wicks, packaging, etc.) to make the best possible choices.

 Thanks for trusting us.


The future of our planet and future generations is very important to us. This is why we do everything possible to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible while taking care to choose non-harmful products.

Our mailing packages are made from recycled materials and some are biodegradable. We also invite you to give a second life to the jars in which you will find your favorite products. Since they are mostly made of glass while still being cute, you can easily give them a new use.

Our wax is non-toxic and from renewable sources. Our fragrances are also free of toxins and chemicals. We have taken care to choose quality products that reassure our customers so that you can use our products with peace of mind. Together, let's make a difference!